Juggling Parenthood and Business: Mom Boss Edition – A Comedy of Chaos and Creativity

AI generated image via Midjourney

AI generated image via Midjourney

As a working mom, juggling the responsibilities of parenting and running a business can be a rewarding yet demanding journey.

When faced with the additional challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, finding the right balance becomes even more crucial. As a fellow working mom with two adult children navigating their college lives amidst the pandemic, I understand the complexities and have gathered some advice to share with other moms in similar situations.

Embrace Flexibility

In these uncertain times, flexibility is key. Embrace the fluidity of schedules and be open to adjusting your work routine to accommodate your family’s needs. Create a flexible work environment that allows you to be present for your children while still meeting your business obligations. Remember, finding the right balance doesn’t mean dividing your time equally every day, but rather adapting to the ebb and flow of family and work demands.

Communicate and Delegate

Embrace your role as a business owner and a parent, and take charge like a skilled project manager. Assign responsibilities to your adult children, allowing them to take ownership and fostering their independence. With your guidance, they will quickly adapt and thrive, becoming adept at navigating college life. Witness their transformation as they grow into self-sufficient individuals, and feel the joy of supporting them from the sidelines.

Laughter, the Ultimate Stress Buster

In the midst of chaos, don’t forget to take a break and have a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for frazzled nerves and deadlines that seem to be playing tag with you. Find the humor in the messy moments, share funny stories with other moms, and enjoy those belly laughs that make it all worthwhile.

Prioritize Self-Care

Amidst the busy schedules, don’t forget to prioritize self-care. As a working mom, it’s easy to put yourself last on the list. For me, self-care is more of a practice, like yoga or meditation. It’s crucial for your physical and mental well-being, allowing you to show up as the best version of yourself both as a parent and a business owner. Carve out time for activities that recharge you, whether it’s a nap, a drawing class, a glass of wine, going for a walk, or a room temp kombucha alone in you car in the grocery store parking lot while listening to Maintenance Phase. And for the love of all that is holy – TAKE A DAMN VACATION!

AI generated image via Midjourney

AI generated image via Midjourney

Seek Support

Remember that you don’t have to do it all alone. Seek support from your partner, family members, or trusted friends. Reach out to other working moms in similar situations through local communities, online forums, or support groups. Connecting with others who understand your challenges can provide valuable insights, tips, and emotional support – and get some good laughs in while you’re at it!

Embrace Imperfection

Striving for perfection in both parenting and running a business is a common trap. Give yourself permission to let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace imperfection. Understand that some days will be more challenging than others, and that’s okay. Be gentle with yourself, celebrate small victories, and learn from any setbacks. Remember, finding balance is a continuous journey, and progress is more important than perfection.

Balancing the responsibilities of parenting adult children and running a business is like orchestrating a symphony of chaos and triumph—an unconventional masterpiece filled with unexpected surprises.

Amidst the ever-changing dynamics, treasure those uproarious moments that catch you off guard—the hilarious inside jokes shared with your kids, the playful banter that fills family gatherings, and the witty exchanges that bring laughter to your hearts. Embrace the joy of this new chapter and find humor in the unique quirks and antics of your adult children.

AI generated image via Midjourney

AI generated image via Midjourney

To all the phenomenal moms out there, continue to rock the stage with your multitasking prowess and infectious laughter. Embrace the serendipitous rhythm of navigating the delicate balance between being a supportive parent and a successful business owner, knowing that your love and guidance are the foundation of your children’s lives.

So, with a light-hearted spirit and a dash of mirth, keep embracing the extraordinary adventure of being a working mom to adult children. Embrace the unexpected twists and turns, relishing the shared laughter and cherished moments that make this journey all the more worthwhile. Take a bow, supermom—you’ve masterfully played your roles with humor, grace, and boundless love.