Atlanta Girls’ School

Keeping it local.

The opportunity to collaborate with the Atlanta Girls’ School was nothing short of an honor, and granted, we didn’t take the task lightly. Our mission, which we enthusiastically chose to accept, was to create a new face for the Atlanta Girls’ School- one that represents the up-and-coming nature of the school’s educational system without abandoning the spirit of the twenty year old legacy that has inspired so many students to, as they declare in their mission statement, lead lives of purpose. After a complete overhaul of the website, careful construction of a brand new color palette and design that incorporates the roots of the school’s brand, and the incredible quantity of thought and passion that was thrown into the project, we believe we’ve done just that.

Celebrating 20 Years

The 2019-2020 school year marks the Atlanta Girls’ School’s 20th Anniversary, and they have much to celebrate as the school reflects on two decades of inspiring girls to lead lives of purpose. AGS invites everyone to join them throughout the year as they celebrate the impact of their special school community in big and small ways.